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BLOG KRAMPUS - I DIAVOLI DELLE FORESTE KRAMPUS, i diavoli delle foreste è il titolo della mostra fotografica che si terrà in Galleria Cavour a Padova dal 16 dicembre 2022 al 29 gennaio 2023. La personale di Roberto Masiero, fotografo padovano di esperienza quindicennale nella pubblicità e nel fashion, nasce dopo 5 anni di reportage nella zona del Tarvisiano per raccontare la tradizione di questi mostri

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BLOG EMMA MORANO Emma Morano was at the age of 114 years when I took this picture in 2013. At the time of her death she was the oldest living woman in the world and the last living person to have been verified as being born in the 1800s. She accepted for the first time to pose for a photoshoot moving from her

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BLOG ENRICO VANZINI 99 years old last Italian Sonderkommando. Enrico didn't tell anyone his secret for 60 years. He is the last Italian Sonderkommando still alive today from Dachau concentration Camp. Thank you Enrico for the wonderful day with you. VIEW GALLERY Article

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BLOG THE ALPINI The name Alpini means literally “alpines, people from the Alps”. These special mountain troops were officially born in the 1872. Their original mission was to protect the country of Italy from the enemies arriving from the North. The soldiers for this corps are enlisted mostly from remote Alpine villages, so the major part of Alpini actually do “come from

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BLOG OLD SCHOOL Maria and Bepi Plessin have been living together for over fifty years. They work and live in Poscolle, an isolated but beautiful place located between the mountain borders of Italy, Austria and Slovenia. It is a hard life, but sometimes the sacrifices turn into joy.  Maria cannot bend her back anymore but still gets up at dawn to work

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BLOG PAVEL Pavel turns 50 this year. He arrived in Italy 12 years ago to look for a job, but he never got called back from the employment office. Paolo, this is how I friendly call him in Italian, was a bricklayer and was an expert in restoration of stucco and decorations. In Romania he worked for several restoration of Churches,

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BLOG THE DOM The Dom are gypsies of the Levant. Also known in Jordan under the pejorative names of Nawar, Ghajar or Bani Murra; they represent a stigmatized ethnic minority and a social group in constant change. Having left their semi-nomadic nature around fifty years ago, the Dom settled in and now live in the humblest neighbourhoods in Amman. They speak an archaic Indo-Iranian

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BLOG HAMADA Hamada Alqam is a young artist who's currently working and living in Amman Jordan. I met Alqam in his early years, struggling in between work art and academia. He worked hard, studied hard growing up he found himself in the arts. So inspired by impressionism and the 1200.'s era. Showed tinder love to Vincent Vangogh and Monet. Alqam travailed for much

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BLOG ENRICO CRIVELLARO It is hardly a surprise that his two latest albums, "Freewheelin" and "Mojo Zone", are often found in music stores next to Chet Atkins and Eric Clapton on the "guitar hero" shelf. Showcasing a mighty sounding guitar that manages to be at the same time refined and explosive, the two Electro-Fi releases have propelled Enrico Crivellaro into the upper

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