foto ritratto dell'attivista robbo johnson

Robbo Johnson is a native Welshman who has lived an extraordinary life so far. At age 14 Robbo already took part in an expedition to the North Pole due to winning a school contest. When his children where all grown up, Robbo started living in 2 tipi’s in the mountains of Snowdonia and for a while he experienced ultimate freedom and a deep connection with his surroundings. A band of local vandals decided that it was not very desirable for Robbo to live this way so they  burned down his tipi’s. Shocked by so much resistance to his way of life, Robbo decided he would be better of traveling the world. With nothing more than an extendend “long John” Bicycle and the equivalent of 50 Euro’s Robbo set of on his journey. In 11 years Robbo has traversed more than 120.000 Km.
One of the more intense periods during his travels was a nine month journey through the Sahara desert with no more than two camels, at one time he had not seen a single fellow human being for over 3 months! During this adventure Robbo has helped thousands of people. He has singlehandedly collected over 50.000 bicycles for children in africa by riding his bike to practically every cycleshop in europe and asking for donations. Robbo has also helped build 2 children’s hospitals with his own bare hands.
In disaster striken areas Robbo has helped rebuild hundreds of houses for the less fortunate, created many playgrounds for children, dug water wells in dry areas and built shelters for people to live and children to play in, always making use of organic and recycled materials Robbo is an advocate for sustainable living and ecological principles.
His knowledge is very extensive and ranges from eco-building to woodcraft, farming to engineering, natural medicine, crop management, arborsculpture (building with living trees) construction and gardening. His wealth of experience and wisdom also lends itself for awesome storytelling around the camp fire.
Robbo’s tarvels and experiences have made him an essential figure in setting up sustainable communities around the world and he is always willing to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with those who whish to live in Freedom.
Robbo is open to meeting anyone who cherishes freedom and equality and is guaranteed to touch your hearts and minds.

“Freedom is only a bike ride away”

Robbo Johnson